Dr. Chris Ngige, Minister of Labour and Employment, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari is not behind herdsmen killings as claimed by some people in the country.

The minister, who stated this in Awka at the weekend, said it was misinformation to say that the President was behind herdsmen killings in the country.

He maintained that such opinions were intended to instigate the citizenry against the President, pointing out that Nigeria is a secular state where no one can force any religion on any person.


The labour minister said such were misinformation as well as practical evidence of rumours and that the All Progressives Congress was not perturbed because it knows it is an election year when anything can happen.

Ngige also posited that in an election year, people could fabricate stories to heat up the polity.According to him, “Some misguided elements who are miscreants; some of them pose as herdsmen and they go and do cattle rustling, shooting the owners of cattle and take their cattle away. “

He, however, reiterated that Buhari was not silent over the killings across the country by Fulani herdsmen, rather he has condemned it.

He said the President noted that in addition to the economic implications of the activities of herdsmen, some people were fighters who had access to arms and ammunition; trained in Libya as Gaddaffi stockpiled arms and ammunition over the years and when he was killed, his arms were dispersed across West Africa comprising Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Chad and some others that have prevalence of violence and random killings.