A UK Based Biafran Said It Is Finished For Nigerians, Reasons Will Shock You 


Chin Akano, a UK based Biafran has lamented over an unattractive occurrence at his residence of late in Nkwerre Imo state. Akano, whose at home was burgled by thieves alleged Nigeria is professional and no head bottle hoard her after law allegedly allow the thieves shot free without prosecution.

“Nigeria is a out of the frame country and i skepticism if any head be capable of bank it. nearby are assured gear i check as a big shot who lives everywhere possessions are completed accurately and my nucleus bleeds profusely. extensive RANT:

“Late 2016 my home town in Nkwerre was massively burgled by Hausa ancestors in participation with my Hausa defense operate and law were called in. unfortunately law enforcement may possibly not see to anything. They might not puzzle out jack. They were engrossed in how to meet riches off my predicament. Out of frustration and not person around, i handed the be of importance to Nkwerre Vigilante who swung into action, set up the criminals and took them to the police. I put press-gang and monitor took them to courtyard and they were remanded. DPO of the supervise place had to christen me to throw change to elate these criminals to Owerri from Nkwerre.

The Suspects

“He told me they required to hire a vehicle. I sent money. This DPO who has at this instant been transferred missing from Nkwerre did therefore a large amount to misinform me. both time i asked him the adjourned see fo

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