As Injustice Persists: Barrister Aloy Ejimakor Speaks on the unlawful detention of over 150 Igbo women
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As Injustice Persists …
My name is Aloy Ejimakor; and I want to put it on record that … The nearly 150 Igbo women arrested and detained in Owerri since August 17, 2018 broke no laws of Nigeria. In sum, they were merely expressing their rights guaranteed under Nigeria Law. That right is the Right to Self Determination protected by Chapter A9, Laws of Federation of Nigeria, which states that: “All peoples shall have the unquestionable and inalienable right to SELF DETERMINATION. Oppressed people shall have the right to free themselves from the bonds of domination by resorting to any means recognized by the international community”. Article 1 of same Law provides that the State “shall recognize the rights, duties and freedom enshrined in this Charter and shall undertake to adopt legislative or other measures to give effect to them”. Yet, these fine young and elderly mothers were charged for TEN offenses for merely expressing this right and taken to Magistrate Court that the government knows has no jurisdiction. This is a wicked trick to get as much jail time as possible before the High Court convenes to consider their bail applications. All men and women of goodwill must rise to condemn this double injustice. It could’ve been you.