1.) They said that the Igbos are not our brothers but when they will kill the Igbos they will send their Army troops to blockage our land to start killing us first. Who are they deceiving?


2.) They said that is the Igbos that plotted the first militry Cou’p in Nigeria lead by Kaduna Nzeogwu. Kaduna Nzeogwu hails from Delta State and now these idiots are saying that Delta is not part of Biafra. What an arrant non-sense!

3.) They said that Biafra is for the Igbos and when they will see the Igbos shouting “all hail Biafra” they will ask the Igbos why are they not shouting “all hail Biafra” when their brother Jonathan was on sit? So they know that Jonathan is their brother abii?

4.) They Kicked out Jonathan from sit and boasted within thenselves that they won’t allow the Igbos to rule Nigeria again. That means they saw Jonathan as an Igbo man.

5.) They reffered James Ibori as Igbo man, also reffered Jonathan as an Igbo man, that means they are reffering all the people in the Eastern Region as the Igbos.

6.) They said that the Igbo people hate us but is only the Igbos that are living with us happily in our land, they petronise us well in land and housing property, paying their house rent when due but the Yorubas only live in Batcha houses, the Housa people no dey pay House rent where ever they go bcos they come as Gate men to steal, yet they claim they like us. Hope u are understanding the game these people are playing to confuse us wilth our Igbo brothers?

To you, how do u see it when they say that the Igbos hate us, but on the other perspective they are seeing us as the same Igbos who they hated, today they have shared all the Oil wells in our land, busy sucking our Oil and Gas in the name of One Nigeria.