Biafra Refredum!!! Ipob Meets UN Face To Face To Discuss About Biafra Refredum,And These Happened 


The leadership of native inhabitants of Biafra (IPOB) hold certain an insight into could you repeat that? transpired during its modern outing to the United Nations (UN) secretariate in Geneva, Switzerland, axiom the unpreccedented come across was a landmark in its labors to launch concrete diplomatic correlation with the global community.

Biafra News Recalls that the deputy guide of IPOB, Uche Mefor on September 14, 2018, led a lofty powered IPOB lobby group to the UN, an affair which coincided with the primarily anniversary sit-at-home avow by IPOB over the 2017 invasion and kidnap of its leader, Nnamdi Kanu by Nigerian soldiers during ‘Operation Python Dance’ in the South East locality of the country.

Although, the grouping assumed it was not at liberty to let drop every conscript of I beg your pardon? transpired during the encounter, it affirmed that the earth had officially been located on poster that IPOB was resolute to shape a split continuation for the ancestors of Biafra, comprising of the getting on eastern region, (presently SS & SE) absent from Nigeria.
A invoice by the IPOB media and media hype secretary, friend Emma Powerful, prepared free to Biafra News alleged it was the primarily time in the place war history of Biafra that the leadership of any group, interchange or citizens met with the United Nations stand facing to expression to chat about the make of Biafra.

The account reads in part:

“It was a historic run into t