A powerful thunder strike that visited Affa community in Udi local government area of Enugu State (Biafraland), has killed at least 55 cows, belonging to the Fulani herdsmen. These herders have over time, been terrorising the people of the area.

The incident reportedly took place last Monday being the 16th day July 2018, during a heavy downpour that lasted for eight good hours. In an interview with one of the indigenes of the community, it was gathered that a deafening and frightening thunderstorm blew through the area around 10:30pm, when virtually most of the villagers had retired to bed.

At the dawn of the following day, information confirmed that there were scary wailings in one of the surrounding bushes within Egede in Affa community. The community youths few minutes later pulled themselves together in search of the cause of the uproar. It was discovered that some Fulani herdsmen were crying for help as their cows got killed by thunderstorm that night during the rain. They explained that not less than 25 cows were instantly killed while many others got intractably missing.

Another set of the Fulanis who settle at Amakwu area in Affa, were also spotted shading tears of the horrific visitation that befell them during the stormy/devastating rainfall. They decried the death of not less than 21 cows killed by the storm with several others being unaccounted for.

Majority of the indigenes of the community were seen discussing about the incidents and expressing some signs of relief on the menace and horrendous experiences the activities of these cattle herders had brought upon their areas. These Fulanis have consistently been terrorising the entire community because of their private enterprise at the detriment of the indigenous population. Affa farmers’ crops and produce have severally been destroyed without any form of compensation or redress.

It is generally believed by the people that Chukwuokike Abiama (God Almighty) has commenced His intervention for His people who have been under the burden of these Fulani marauding herdsmen, who go about killing the indigenes, raping the women and wantonly destroying their farms.

Some indigenous spiritualists encountered stated in no mistakable terms that this was just the beginning of what the terrorists should expect, as the wrath of God has been activated against the enemies of the land and the people.

Egwuatu Chukz Reporting For Family Writers Press