I was impressed with the compliance of Asaba during last year’s highly successful sit at home protest on Biafra day. Asaba is generally seen as the capital of the Ika-Igbos and I’m hoping it will be better this year. Im hoping that Agbor junction and markets will be deserted on the 30th of May.

Who are the Ika-Igbos? They are an ‘Igboid’ people on the Western flank of the River Niger from Asaba all the way to Igbanke(Igbo Akiri) in Edo state. With the creation of the Western Region, the Ika people came to be known as the “Western Igbos”. With the creation of the Mid-West Region, the became known as the “Mid-West Igbos”. When the Mid-West Region was renamed Bendel state after the war, the became known as ‘Bendelite Igbos’. In the early 90’s, Bendel state was divided into Edo and Delta states with the vast majority of Ika put in Delta and they became known as “Delta Igbos”.

With the declaration of Biafra many son’s of the Ika Igbo nation chose to fight with their kith and kin in Nigeria. The included

Brigadier Conrad Chukwukadibia Nwawo
Brigadier Okwechime
Colonel Okonjo
Colonel Macaulay Nzefili
Colonel Chukwudi Sokei
Colonel Joe Osekoka Achuzia
Colonel Ochei
Lt Colonel Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu
Major Isichei
Major Albert Okonkwo

These men stood shoulder to shoulder with their kit and kin across the Niger and fought against what perceived to be Northern domination of Nigeria.

So I call on the Ika-Igbo nation to set aside 30th of May to remember those we all collectively lost in the war. Let us remember those they lost in the Asaba massacre and the Benin city killings

May 30th of May be a day of atonement