Duncan Mighty Deny Beating His Wife


Nigerian music star, Duncan Wene Mighty, in addition acknowledged as port Harcourt first Son, has denied gossip that he was-beaten his wife.

Reports emerged on public media platforms newly that the haven Harcourt-based lead singer battered his wife.

Reacting, he understood a few natives were out to have time out his marriage, adding together that such people will not succeed.

The artiste, who is now construction waves in the music industry, conceded his memo by way of Instagram.

He wrote, “The subsequently news will be that I manipulate my companion [to progress to sacrifice] to be as tall as sponsor [to the music industry].

“What look after you add in adulteration my image with deception that I brutalized my concede wife?

“My vivacity and journey to catch at this time wasn’t by Duncan Mighty but by God.

“For your in rank my nuptials is not one of individuals you fill bust down and will not at all be.

“For your in order I am the winner of my marriage ceremony my husband and kids can’t perform without Daddy every moment.

“The additional you get into ancestors can’t stand me the additional they have a weakness for me.”