expert Nigerian rapper, Falz in a fresh interview with Silverbird small screen exposed why he does not turn to the place of worship aphorism “I’m not an atheist.


I consider in attendance is a God. But I deem in religious studies over religion. I comprise nobody against the cathedral or open to church.

Everyone has the privilege to try the creed they desire. It has been a despite the fact that that I take part in been to church. It does not command somebody to me take away of a Christian”. He went on to say, “the intention is that I went to a a small amount of churches and, during sermons, I was put under too much pressure. nearby was a time that a minister called me to the altar now to acknowledge my aura for nature in church.

In my mind, I felt that the tune-up was not about me. I felt that everyone was near to worship God, until now they were putting unnecessary force on me.

The preacher gave me the microphone to forward the flock and I was puzzled; could you repeat that? did he presume me to declare to the congregation?”