Father Mbaka said God has just revealed to Him Nigerian flag is burning in the Spirit World.


Fellow Nigerians,I am writing based on information I heard from(currently on at Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria aka AMEN) Reverend Mbaka’s live programme titled ‘E No Dey Again’ held every Wednesday. Today’s own is ongoing.Here are some of the extracts of the things I heard him say……

1. 4 Days ago he got a vision to rush to Aso Rock(he said he was told go speedily) to go and see Buhari in UK.He said he was ready to pay for the visa with his money.He went to Aso Rock but nobody was ready to take him to where he is in UK.He went back 3days ago and was also turned down.He said the God he worships is not a tribal God is can heal Muslim or Christian.

2.Last night he was in vision.There was a meeting in Aso Rock.He was part of the meeting.Ibrahim Babaginda was in the meeting.He asked him a question about Buhari but he told him to forget it.

3.Currently it is raining at Adoration Ministry on Wednesday.He said it has never happened before this year.According to him,the rain signifies something.He told everybody to look up and showed them the rainbow on the sky.He said everybody should be mature.That the rainbow signifies something.

4.He also said that as it stands now,there is cry like rain in Aso Rock and in the north.

5.He also revealed that in the spirit world,Nigerian flag is burning.

6.According to him,within a short time what is hidden will be revealed.

7.He also said that Holy Spirit has told him to forget trying to help the situation.He said he has tried his best but people in Aso Rock did not listen to him.

8.He also said that people/the elites already have their visas on hand.That when the problem starts,it is the poor that will perish.

9.He also recalled that there was a time he told Buhari that people were planning to kill him but nobody listened to him.Do you still remember the prophecy?Yes I did.People then were castigating him.

10. He also envisaged that there is likely to be catastrophe.He said that the Yorubas,Hausas and Igbos are not ready for the trouble.

11.He recalled that before Buhari travelled,he was in a vision and saw him.God told him to go and pray for him but the same Aso Rock people did not allow him in.

He is still speaking.These are the few points I could grab.The church programme is still on