Five Governor’s(PDP) seek deal with buhari


distracted for a second term, five Peoples elected person concerned (PDP) committee are looking for a confidence accord with head Muhammadu Buhari on the 2019 general elections.

Five Governor’s(PDP) seek deal with buhari

Specifically,  the apportion is for the executive committee to buy up Buhari’s re-election in put back for the Presidency’s back up in their submission to hold on to their seats.

The governors, who can not be named for “strategic” reasons, grasp sent emissaries, together with two each and every one Progressives conference (APC) governors, to the head on their proposal.

One of the committee sent a memorandum to the head in China through an APC governor, The Nation learnt yesterday.

Also yesterday, past Kano stately chief Ibrahim Shekarau dumped the PDP.

He is owed to broadcast his defection to the APC after consultation with his supporters.

Although one of the five PDP executive committee initiated the “deal”, the certain signals from the mediating APC council and more or less eminent officials of the management motivated four others to join.

The “bleak prospect” of not nature re-elected may allow accounted for the despondency of the governors, according to sources in the Presidency.

Five Governor’s(PDP) seek deal with buhari

The five PDP authority are from the Southsouth and the Southeast. Two are from the Southsouth and three from the Southeast

One of the sources said: “The five executive committee are lobbying APC leaders to service cut down a compact with head Buhari by which the head will allocate them to be re-elected in go back for their defend for Buhari to triumph the presidential selection in folks PDP states.

Five Governor’s(PDP) seek deal with buhari