Are there still those who think the Biafra course is unjustified and uncalled for? Have you seen the recently released list of killings in Nigeria, for which the Senate wants the IG of Police to appear before them? Yes, Nigerian Senate, under the pilotship of Saraki, released the death toll since 2015. They may claim that it is since January this year, but you and I know the truth. What no one knows is that I have been going through that list over and over in my quest to find the killings that took place at Umuahia, Anambra, Port Harcourt, and Aba.

Initially, I thought it was an omission, but it just dawned on me that Umuahia, Anambra, Aba, and Port Harcourt could not have been omitted at the same time. It is, undoubtedly, a lucid case of deliberate exclusion. It simply means that the Senate, under the auspices of Saraki’s, okays the killings that have taken place in these Biafra states, but frowns at others. The logic is simple: as long as it is happening in Biafra states it is welcome.

Now that the Senate has divided Nigeria inadvertently, what are we waiting for? It is crystal clear that anything bad that happens in Biafra states are outside the jurisdiction of the Senate. What are we doing here? Why are we still in Nigeria? What argument do the naysayers vis-a-vis this agitation have for wanting us to remain here where we are treated as derelicts? Does the exclusion of ills happening in the East not converge with our clamour to leave Nigeria? Who stays where genocide against his people are given legislative viva/consent?

How come we are always nothing when it comes to our welfare, but all of a sudden something each time we want to leave? Nigeria keeps informing us that we are the host for their parasitism. It is all about provision of all all Nigeria wants without even the minutest reward or appreciation. Like latex from rubber tree, we are being sapped dry by the West and North. The hinterland and coastal parts of Biafra are the economic soul of Nigeria, yet they are the waste bins – the ones that are treated with disdain. How ironic!

We must wake up from this coma. There is no glimmer of hope in Nigeria. Politically and economically, we have been victimized. They steal from us and see no need to be remorseful. Bills that seek to better our lot are thrown out of the hallowed chambers even before they are read. Nigeria hates Biafra with conflagrating passion. The unity you hear them talk about is one that sustains the parasitic relationship between Nigeria and Biafra.

Biafrans must stop fighting one another. We don’t need the war of attrition anymore, since it fans the ember of our common foes. Let us love one another more and work in unison for our freedom. Those of us that sabotage the struggle are under the influence of the enemy. Let us forgive them all and find a way to work with them for optimum result. We must leave Nigeria. Nigeria is a perpetual prison and fortress. Nigeria is a de-correctional facility where the SANE become INSANE. Let wealthy Biafrans contact me for serious discussion on SONAR, RADAR, ELECTRIC FURNACE technologies. There is serious work to be done. There are great scientists that need some wealthy Biafrans. A country that hates us so much deserves to be jettisoned. All hail Biafra!

Nigeria, we hate
Biafra, we hail thee

Russell Idatoru Sunju Bluejack