Permit me to begin by saying that the door to inventions, discoveries and better ways of doing things, is always open, as long as we adopt an open heart to new ideas and other ways of doing things. I shared my idea of Biafra referendum many months ago, but only to my friends. Now, I will share it to the public because the Biafra referendum is at hand.
As an IPOB member, and a former regional co-coordinator of IPOB in Austria, I may not have invented some typical IPOB idea I´m going to sponsor here. I am combating to animate and keep this idea alive and in the only way I know how. I am not holding anything back, it is not what I exclusively wanted; it will be hard to sell to core IPOB members; it´s a tough way to settle an argument, but this is the outcome of the Math: Restructure Nigeria for Nigerians, and carve out Biafra for Biafrans by use of my idea of Biafra referendum.
We call ourselves a country, but what everybody sees is a country walking itself apart. Some were schooled to hate the Igbos. Some were influenced to hate the Igbos. Some were swayed or persuaded to hate the Igbos. Some were even begged to hate or at least pretend to hate the Igbos; while some were compelled to do so by use of force.
The Igbos are often referred to in Nigeria, as ´´these bad people´´, and this has captured the heart of many other Nigerian tribes, and there is no way you can mend a cracked wall; it can never be the same again. As the northerners want everybody to believe, all the times that when the Igbos participated in running Nigeria´s government, they badly performed. And with please, I´m extending this question: Is the Igbos not Nigeria´s problem? Why do you still need the Igbos in Nigeria? Why is not ´´Good riddance to bad rubbish´´ if the Igbos part ways with Nigeria?
And with myself, I had sat down. And in the joys and pains of my heart, I braced-up by saying that for all the good and bad reasons, it did not meet God´s endorsement in any kind of creed and religious conviction, to hate someone and want him at the same time. You can´t blow hot and cold at the same time, and expect the same result. If you ban your so called ´´hate speeches´´; what about ´´hate acts´´ continuously perpetrated by the Nigerian government to the Igbos and the Biafrans? Which is more dangerous, ´´hate speeches´´ or ´´hate acts´´? How many Igbos are in core-Buhari´s government? How many federal infrastructures are built or maintained in the South East States and in the Niger Deltan States? How much of Development Fund was allocated to all Southern Nigerian States as against that of North Eastern States alone? Even when Buhari confronted the United Nations on economic improvement procedures, he was not interested in Nigeria´s economy. He specifically told them to focus only in Northern Eastern States.
There will be no such thing as white Flags above our doors. The Nigerian government can actually chase the Biafrans, but a great Nation about to begin, cannot say she has surrendered. We will go down with the ship. The Nigerian government has the right to say their wish about Nigeria, but other people have the same right as well of their own wishes. If a god does not provide his people well, the people will annihilate his shrine, and set up another. God gave one language to each kind of people, and you can´t change it. Even ´´Afrikaans´´ that was created by white men in South Africa, was a combination of languages given by God. Countries are artificial creation that can fizzle out to exist, redraw borders or even be confiscated by another country. Every tribe in Nigeria say that they are marginalized by Nigeria. Presumably so, why then do we need Nigeria? It is a strong question that invites every vague remark as ´´an answer´´, and for which no one has given ´´the answer ´‘ because there is no answer to why there must be ´´one Nigeria´´. What makes a great country is not it´s population, but how well the people live. Nigerians live badly, monetarily and mentally which led to disunity and Nigeria´s civil war.
After Nigerian civil war, the Nigerian military and civilian rulers continued their mis-rule. There was Oil-boom, resulting into tremendous affluence in terms of Cash. Instead of Gowon to build industries and infrastructures, he celebrated wealth with FESTAC , sheared some money through Udoji to civil servants, and foundations were laid to the most fantastically corrupt country in the world. Gowon and Murtala Muhammed did not steal money, but other leaders did steal public fund in reliable levels. Some stole what they need. Some stole what they thought they could need; and some stole for friends and relatives. Some stole for others and their generations to come. Some stole for fun; just test if it will work and how good they are, at stealing.
The Nigerian leaders spoke about progress, and how they will match to it like the soldiers. Of course, they did not disappoint. They matched to the left. Then, they matched to the right. They matched front. They matched back; ….making no progress in the end. They spoke about building steel industries, and how it is the muscle for technology take-off. They did build the industries anyway, but they only succeeded in using steel industries as ´´ steal industries’´ by awarding and re-awarding contracts to no end. This continued till today to make Nigeria become the best country in the world where people and criminals can study the best methods of ´´collect public fund, carry off, and hide´´. And the scrabble for stealing brought Nigeria´s economy to her knees, and reduced Nigeria to a heavy borrowing country till date. Nigerians has become poorer than Indians, and suicide has become very normal. Nigeria is a proven misery for all, for over 100 years. As soon as the Biafran war ended in core Biafran zones, it started in other zones as well and has lasted for over half a century now. The Yourubas became cultists in their quest for influence and affluence, even though they bought over all the Nigerian industries for a penny, after the civil war, when they froze Igbo peoples´ accounts in Nigerian banks in order to reduce them to abject penury. The Cross river and the Akwa Iboms indigenes became house-helps and servants. The Northerners became gate-men and shoe-shinners even for Biafrans, while the Midwestern states became prostitute’s up-to international levels of embarrassment and dishonor. And the hopes and dreams of every Nigerian youth today is to flee Nigeria and run overseas, away from the new type of war that broke-out in the failed country.
Those who still have hopes in Nigeria are either the benefactors of the crisis, or the evil dreamers who are waiting for their turn to embezzle public fund. Our youths saw a queue, and thought they should join it. They heard about countries where people could live and smile. Their towns are high up, while the mountains were low. They packed their hopes and dreams, and spoke about how they loved these lands. Some stole money. Some borrowed money. Some sold all they had and set up for the queue in the land of strangers. The queue provided hopes, and then, disappointments. Some were battered in their visa-procurements, and some were battered on their way to their land of hope. Some trekked their way. Some canoed their way. Some sailed their way, and some flew to the land of prosperity; only to be ill-treated further and even experienced loss of life.
However, many did fall on fertile soil. And according to many, it is better to take the risk and die, than staying back in Nigeria to commit suicide.
They did what they did, and we are writing what we are writing, simply because Nigeria has never functioned well; is not functioning well; and will never function well. And just because you can´t visualize something, does not mean you cannot think about it rationally. It is time for other options, atleast for those who want to leave´´one Nigeria´´. We ask for peace that passes all perception and not that kind of peace the Nigerian leaders want that will help them in continued embezzlement. Even when they claim to be fighting embezzlement and corruption, they only use fellow thieves to fight their political enemies. I am seldom a fan of Nigeria because the name was heard as foe in my neighborhoods during the civil war. Overseas, the name ´´Nigeria´´ is heard today as criminals of one kind or the other. It is only during football matches I am a fan of Nigeria. I´m not alone in this conflict of feelings, we are above 100 million. Therefore, ´´national pride´´ for many of us is like a toss of a dice: Sometimes intense of joy when a Nigerian team scores the winning goal; but most times it has always been intense of anger about every other thing on Nigeria.
The Buhari presidency has continued the promotion of dangerous beliefs; and we will stand to see how he navigates his way all through into unknowns to find success in his ´´one Nigeria´´. The Nigerian police and the South east governors and the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo may be busy planning and making arrests of IPOB members, but it´s one step in the wrong direction and the Nigerian Soldiers will certainly add to that darkness, especially during the oncoming Biafra referendum.
Nigerian government has to do things with wisdom and carefulness and solely in good spirit as one could think that Biafra agitators has gone underground, but in actual fact, Biafra agitators of IPOB has increased it´s international agenda. Nigeria should dampen the other tribes´ desire to be the next out of their door, because unity is not everywhere in Nigeria. Those who want to find and keep unity that does not exist anywhere in Nigeria, should be allowed to go about their way day-dreaming in ´´one Nigeria´´, while those who want to disconnect from Nigeria, should be allowed to go and build their own path-way. Let us remember that unity is a felt sense of shared leisure with one another in destiny, vocation and in values, …it can never be enforced. Unity comes rationally or naturally as emotional passion.
Let us remember that:
1. Mankind would not have come this far, if not for ideas that progressed from concentrated attentiveness which led to discoveries, and contemplations which led to inventions and creations. This is how we have managed from Stone Age of yester-years to Modern-times of today in general civilization of all mankind, and with processes being subject to continual improvements.
2. that Biafra stemmed from the fact that we wanted fairness and justice for all concerned;
3. that there are people who genuinely fought for the civil war just to keep ´´one Nigeria´´;
4. that there are people who genuinely fought for the civil war just to part ways with Nigeria;
5. that few Biafrans and Igbos, either by compulsion, conscription, conviction or volition, who like Brigadier General Ike Nwachukwu (known as Lieutenant Omar Fanda, who has an Hausa mother and an Igbo father) fought on the Nigerian side during the Nigerian civil war;
6. that some Nigerians, for the most part some Yorubas fought on the Biafran side during the civil war;
7. that some Nigerians naturally hate the Igbos and Biafrans;
8. that most Biafrans and Igbos have reasons to hate Nigeria, and do not want to forgive and forget;
9. that most Biafrans and Igbos believe that their future is held-down by Nigeria and must fight to get out of Nigeria, or die doing so;
10. that some people consider their religion more important than Nigeria, and as such do not want to co-exist with people of other religion peacefully, just like the Yorubas do co-exist peacefully with people of other religions;
11. that Biafrans regardless of their barricade from the rest of the world were able to sustain the civil war for three years, when they where only expected to be able to fight and give-up the fight after three months;
12. that this was only made possible because of their creativity and technological competence to mimic, discover, and invent needed arsenals to prosecute the Biafran war;
13. that the winner takes it all is not always the best, because the wise men and women are always fewer in number;
14. that we cannot continue to do the same thing simply because it is so done everywhere in the world, even though options exist that will make every individual to get what he or she specifically wants for himself or herself;
15. that finally, understanding depends on hard-work, and not necessarily competence.
Some people want to stay with ´´one Nigeria´´, and some people want to go their own way. So, there is only one thing to do which is a free and fair referendum. The goal here should be that of genuine understanding, not shock. It should not be an emotional burden, but intellectual burden. The Nigerian soldiers that fought on the Nigerian side and latter ruled the country for decades want Nigeria to remain as one country, since the war they fought would have meant useless if Nigeria breaks-up. Majority of these people are those from tribes outside the Igbo tribe. Igbos are folks that confront and examine their own flaws, accept their own failures and shortsightedness in order to better rearrange, and map new courses. Naming your problems in order to solve them is very necessary. Other tribes are the opposite, as they prefer to keep their shortcomings secret, pretend, and make up as if they´re in fact successes. This attitude led to the failed country of Nigeria that is governed by armed robbers who have brothers and sisters as thieves and criminals. If you keep silence, it means you are an accomplice or beneficiary, or a coward to the misrule and embezzlement in one of the richest African country with the poorest people in the world. When hope fades, people will grab anything, no matter how absurd it is, that it will provide a solution.
There are Biafrans who insist that Buhari´s appetite to crush peaceful demonstrations is still very strong, therefore he needs violent demonstrations in order to match his taste. And that the implication is if we confront the Nigerian government, we are dead. If we fail to confront them, we are dead as well. So, it´s better to confront them and die with them. Nigerian soldiers kill peaceful protesters, and hurriedly bury them in mass graves in army barracks as a cover-up. And as such, no one can expect us to applaud rather than criticize their wickedness. Our Igbo culture is not designed that we must follow and worship one man whether we like it or not. That could lead to people saying that the Igbos are not in unity. But when things get that bad, the Igbos as I know them, will get together and upturn things. That is how we do it in Diaspora because that is how it is done in our native homes in Igboland, despite saboteurs.
Notwithstanding, we have to keep fighting for more unity, along the Igbo man and woman you will meet today. We will need to fight for more unity, house by house along family members. We will need to fight for more unity, street by street along friends and colleagues. We will need to fight for more unity, town by town along town´s men and women. And we will need to fight for more unity, in our overall Igbo associations and organizations to wrap it up.
There are few though, who wants to claim that the Igbos have no dispensation of education, but even if we decide to agree with them on every trick, they cannot claim that many Igbo men and women do not have many sided talents, good judgments, and visualization. It is amongst people where sound and systematic trainings and education for acquisition of skills are practiced longest; and where knowledge and competences are most developed, that the greatest manufacturing occurs. And that is why we have Igbo-made-products of any component of interest scattered in West Africa. And doing so, the Igbos had turned technology into culture. Other Nigerian tribes only put their hopes, values and aspirations in natural resources, without knowing that natural resources could lose value or finish; without knowing that human resources which is the bedrock of technology is everywhere and will last as long as mankind exists, because every man and woman are resources if they could work themselves to usefulness. The northerners spend their money and time organizing various competitions on ´´Koran recitations´´ in their schools and organizations, instead of spending that time and money on ´´Science and Technology´´ competitions. The idea here is not that of ridicule to any folk, but we can learn every day and pull our dynamic-mode into cruise-mode. This is how the Igbos lite up the lights of technology right away from creation with their Igbo-made-products, no matter how crude they might look at first attempts.
We have been unable to take this crude technology to the next level, because we are imbibed by people and government whose mentality is that of buying from other people, instead of creating and closing-in with the technologically advanced nations. We cannot progress in a country governed by people with such values, standards and mentality. We cannot improve our skills under Igbo leaders who are imposed on us by northern Nigerians under the so called elections which in actual fact are not elections, but selections powered by adulteration of results. That is why we have chosen to refrain from any Nigerian election until a Biafran referendum date is given. These people surrounding us as Igbo brand of Nigerian politicians or leaders ought to be eradicated, because they are no longer viable as human beings of our own Igbo-trademark.
The culture of Igbo-man mandates the best persons to take the best positions. The first mayor of Enugu City was a Fulani Herdsman Mallam Umaru Altine in 1956, because he was the best person amongst the people who decided to contest. Igbos are people who opposes endless rule of Kings, leading families, the rich, scholar or any kind of designated elites of any kind of title or label, who would think that leadership belongs only to them, their families, and friends. The Igbos have nothing in common culturally with the rest of Nigeria. We have the right to pursue our own chance, destiny and redeem our social order from underdevelopment and poverty using our God-given-talents, energy and culture, unchained from natural obstacles which Nigeria brought to us as a result of mixing us with people with extreme feudal, extreme monarchical traditions and tendencies that crushes the Igbo-man spirit.
I have natural likeness for northerners like Col. Umar and others who tried to change the mind-set of their people for the better, but they were not tolerable. While they clap, sing, dance and gyrate that they have succeeded in silencing the Emir of Kano Sanusi, the northern politicians only succeeded in continued basking in their own folly of backwardness.
When it comes to economy management, if not for the jews and for which Igbos are their relatives, few tribes or nations have the metal like the Igbos in the world. For the Igbos, life is never in hold-on mode. Our rivers are fast and take us wherever we need to be. Igbos will hack their ways over forests, swamps, jungles, and go to the most remote areas in the world, make landmarks on the landscapes, and turn nature into culture. That is why we are found in Kafanchan, Kano, Kaduna, Cairo and everywhere in the world. That is why in the most remote villages in Africa, the man that you´ll knock at his door past midnight, to buy a Cigarette from, is an Igbo man. That is why in the most remote of villages of Northern Nigeria, the man you´ll knock at his door in the wee hours of the night to buy some drugs to administer to your sick child, mother, father or a relative, is an Igbo-man.
The Igbo people are scattered everywhere in the world, and we can comfortably finance another civil war, if war is brought on to us again. The Igbos living in the north of Nigeria cannot be cowed with threats of confiscating their properties if Biafra is restored. People that are so hard working and blessed like the Igbos, need a high-quality country of their own; and not a country where they bury and exhume public money in cemetery. Britain did not confiscate Nigerian properties; they did not freeze Nigerians´ accounts, when Nigeria fought for independence and acquired it from Britain.
Confiscation of houses, properties and freezing of accounts were only meted to the Igbos after the Biafran war.´ The Houses and properties of Igbos were held in custody and distributed to people, fishermen and women who are not interested in a life on land. Igbo houses were distributed to people who had lived all their life above waters and swamps, and had no need of land. The tadpole said he was born inside water, but as he was transformed from tadpole into toad, he must learn to live on land, otherwise he will get drowned. That was how the scramble for forceful acquisition of Igbo people’s houses began as compensation to brothers and sisters who sabotaged, took-up arms with our common enemies and killed their own brothers and sisters in cold blood.
And while they were busy killing their brothers and sisters, some of their fishing-worms on hooks escaped; some nets and their make-shift canoes sank, while others drifted into international waters of no-return. Fishery industries in Niger Delta imploded into misery; and a source of livelihood triggered into low ebb, and degenerated into history. Nigerian government schooled, encouraged, supported and funded their newly celebrated Niger Delta friends with multiple corruption skills on how to live on land subsidized with sophistication. Some of them will spend their work-days on land as Ministers, Commissioners, local government chairman of different kinds, and on weekends, they will fly with Helicopters and shuttles to visit their relatives above waters and swamps.
Nigerian government and leaders did not follow history, that if you fight a war and drop; and was treated badly after the loss of war, you must fight again to regain your respect. That was why the Germans declared the Second World War, because they were punished with forfeitures and were heavily taxed after their defeat from the First World War. When Germans lost the Second World War, the winners of the war treated the Germans differently. They rebuilt German cities, and offered those help and respect that lacked. That was why peace has reigned amongst them, till date. When Hitler was asked why he declared the Second World War, he said that he did not declare any Second World War. It was the punishments that declared it.
Now and then, and all of the time Nigeria of the Hausa/Fulani origin had shown that they are the victor of the Nigerian civil war, while the Biafrans, and even the Yorubas and other tribes who helped them to fight the Biafrans, are the vanquished. I heard that Nigerian government has agreed to pay the sum of 88 billion Naira as compensation to those Igbos whose houses were confiscated and given out to the Niger Deltans. You could ask yourself, what kind of compensation is that, that those who lost their houses will also have to share with those who took the houses?… and compensation that even includes people from the North east of Nigeria whose houses were not confiscated? That notwithstanding, 88 billion Naira divided by 88 million people equates to only one thousand Naira for each benefactor. The sum of one thousand Naira cannot even buy one bag of cement. Even at that, how can you compensate the dead? My advice is that you have to give the one thousand Naira to those who want one thousand Naira, and give Biafra to those who want Biafra; those who died for Biafra; and those Nigerian soldiers are still shooting for their want of Biafra.
When Scotland wanted to leave Britain and have their own independence recently, Britain did not send soldiers to attack them. Rather, they allowed a referendum and went over to Scotland to campaign that they remain with them as a country. When Britain wanted to leave the European Union, they were allowed their referendum to express their wish. This is the supposed order of the day with civilized people and civilized nations of today. Any steps outside this are barbaric and do not conform and express the modern civilization every country wants to preach. It could be seen that the British conducted referendum in their own case, while they seem to give impressions that could wrap-up the belief that they encourage Nigeria to support war, in our own case. But a call for referendum can never be a call for war. One could think that Britain supports war in order to sell weapons and make money which could be more important to them than the lives of human beings outside their own. They seem to prefer Nigeria to tow the line of people and nations who fought war and only think of war; and have learnt to place a cheap value on human life. This has encouraged the Fulanis into killing thousands of Christians, taking their villages, occupying them and renaming them.
The Nigerian governments, the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, the Southeast governors, the Igbo politicians and elites have failed in their duty of care, and the masses have long ceased to obey their commands. A sheep can pasture happily by ignoring the shepherd. These traitors helped to organized for the massacre of innocent demonstrators. They organized for church massacre of IPOB members holding prayers in Abia State. They organized the massacre of civilians praying peacefully in Ozubulu; and many more. They killed our brothers and sisters, fathers, mothers, children, dogs. And they´re living, breathing, walking, and talking distillations of justice and injustice. It takes us somewhere emotionally, where we don´t want to go. We are not afraid, and can never be. It has never been any better than this with the so called Nigerian government and the northern appointed Igbo leaders. I am sorry if I repeat myself as if it is a slogan, but these words need to be continual in order to anchor. And we are gaining traction by repeating this message for which many people are concerned by, and energized by.
As last resorts, the South east governors and the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo invited the so called operation python dance, instead of negotiations for a date for Biafra referendum, simply because they want to make themselves and their family members Ministers, Governors and Vice president of Nigeria. The scenes were very noisy, more like the ringing bells of the last rounds of a heavy weight boxing champion belt. The soldiers turned our villages and cities into environments of siren and centre of emergencies through creepy outdated military weaponries in order to profit by portraying fear and wield physical influence, instead of good indulgence which the relationship between the protectors and the protected, should equate. They crushed every living thing on their path; people they took an oath of office to protect. That mistake is rare and reckless, because every life is unique and as such important.
Regardless of the score board of torture and deaths recorded by IPOB, our people of value and innocent folks, we´re going to be successful because we put in all the time, all the effort, all the hard work; and we know it´s going to pay off. IPOB is wealthy, the largest organization world over; while Nigeria is disunited, ill, and in a bad fix. The threat to Nigeria´s existence does not come from Biafrans who just want to leave Nigeria, but from Northerners and some evil, corrupt and coward southerners who rejected proposed efforts made by Biafrans for everyone to feel equal in the Nigerian front.
At some point, rescue efforts must change to recovery efforts. It is not a failure of both sides, it is a failure of one side brought about by negligence. And as it is today, no amount of preaching on restructuring and nationalism can change the mind of true Biafrans. It has been pushed to the limits of human endurance. There is anger, suspicion, frustration and this is what that anger, suspicion and frustration looks like:
My idea of Biafra referendum has not been done anywhere on earth. But Igbos are creative people and creativity is the structure that governs inventions. And who will stand to lose when everybody gets what he or she specifically wanted for himself or herself?
There must be an in depth and thorough documentation with photos and native addresses of those who will vote to stay in Nigeria, and those who will vote for Biafra. The number of voters in each case must be transformed into percentages. Then, the current landmass of Biafra, the current resources of Biafraland which includes oil wells, port harbors etc. must be divided, partitioned, carved out in percentage representation of the voters for both countries, in such a way to enable these resources to be taken into these countries through re-draw of both countries map at border towns. Suffice it is to say, that those in the East who will vote or voted for Nigeria, must move over into the Nigerian side of the new map, while those from the East who will vote or voted for Biafra must remain in Biafraland according to the newly re-drawn map of boundaries separating the two sister countries. The Biafran passport will only then be issued to those who voted for Biafra, because you can´t give someone what he or she dislikes, and you cannot eat your cake and have it.
The voting could be done in such a way that anybody who wants Biafra should go to one side on that voting day with Biafran flags mounted on their sides, while anybody who wants to vote for Nigeria should go to another side with Nigerian flags mounted on their sides; and group pictures would be taken with every other necessary detail written down. The voting should take place at the same time in all places to prevent inappropriate movements. And among other things, one must show ones self in the group picture to obtain Biafran citizenship. After the issuance of Biafran citizenship to those who voted for Biafra, on no account whatsoever will those who voted for Nigeria be issued the Biafran passport in later years, because, his or her part of resources has been allocated to and is with Nigeria, and we can´t redraw the map of both countries anymore.
It is not for anyone to drag or tell people what should be better for them on that day. They have to make their own decisions through personal opinions. It will not be the ´´winner takes it all´´ which condemn others into other people´s fate. This idea of referendum holds up the promise of cures of these entire problems. It sounds complex, but we must make it simple. Don´t let the complexity put you off, because it is very simple to learn.
It is not my wish to include Niger Delta and the rest in Biafra, since this will mean leaving a bigger Nigeria to create a smaller Nigeria with people of different languages, religions, culture, mentality and subsequent re-introduction of the rubbish called ´´federal character´´ whereas the best things can only happen, when the best people take the best positions.
It is a dangerous mix of people with no common humour. These are people who only believe in natural resources, just like the other Nigerians; as against Human resources that is available in every region. If you witness how the Niger Deltas talk big and show off that they have oil, you will shudder and tremble in laughter, because of oil wells that are in the hands of their Northern masters.
However, there are people from the Niger Delta who wants to be part of Biafra, fought for it, died for it, and are even fighting for it as I scribble. These are the Niger Deltas who understand the game that is being played on them in Nigeria. We do not have to let these people down. We have to bring them along because they want us and accepted us as their brothers and sisters, and also visualize the injustice and the Islamization that must befall them, if Biafra leaves Nigeria without them.
Asari Dokubo who is among the few Niger Deltans that understands the Northerners´ games once spoke:
1.) They said that the Igbos are not our brothers but when they will kill the Igbos they will send their Army troops to blockage our land to start killing us first. Who are they deceiving?
2.) They said that is the Igbos that plotted the first military Coupe in Nigeria lead by Kaduna Nzeogwu. Kaduna Nzeogwu hails from Delta State and now these idiots are saying that Delta is not part of Biafra. What an arrant non-sense!
3.) They said that Biafra is for the Igbos and when they will see the Igbos shouting “all hail Biafra” they will ask the Igbos why are they not shouting “all hail Biafra” when their brother Jonathan was on sit? So they know that Jonathan is their brother?
4.) They Kicked out Jonathan from sit and boasted within themselves that they won’t allow the Igbos to rule Nigeria again. That means they saw Jonathan as an Igbo man.
5.) They reffered James Ibori as Igbo man, also reffered Jonathan as an Igbo man, that means they are reffering all the people in the Eastern Region as the Igbos.
6.) They said that the Igbo people hate us but is only the Igbos that are living with us happily in our land, they patronise us well in land and housing property, paying their house rent when due but the Yorubas only live in Batcha houses, the Hausa people don´t pay House rent wherever they go because they come as Gate men to steal, yet they claim they like us. I Hope you are understanding the game these people are playing to confuse us wilth our Igbo brothers?
To you, how do u see it when they say that the Igbos hate us, but on the other perspective they are seeing us as the same Igbos who they hated, today they have shared all the Oil wells in our land, busy sucking our Oil and Gas in the name of One Nigeria.
This is a pure truth and there is no controversy. Any person that will comment like a fool is not from the Eastern Region because this simple truth is going to bitter him/her a lot´´.
If the Northern Muslims under the associate of Fulani herdsmen can slaughter their highly praised brothers and sisters in Middle Belt and Southern Kaduna on daily basis, what will be the fortune of the other infidels in Southern Nigeria? But that is their problem anyway, and it is up to them to find their own way out it, if they continue to support ´´one Nigeria´´.
How many Nigerians know that Egypt and Turkey were once 100% Christian nations which were Islamized through the backdoor? This was made feasible through continuous display of cowardice, fear and ´´I don´t care ´‘on the part of Christians like many of them today which includes scores of the so called Christian leaders. Why do Muslims insist on moving to non-Muslim countries and then complain that the way of life of these countries and places are offensive? Why not remain, or go to a Muslim country where their way of life is perfect? The answer is NO!!! The Muslims only go to Christian places, countries so that they can gradually or forcefully Islamize the places or the countries. That is why the Muslims are demanding Sharia law today in some parts of Britain. That is why the people of Southern Kaduna, Middle Belt, Yoruba States, Igbo States and Niger Delta States are slaughtered today by the so called Fulani Herdsmen, with the Nigerian government providing them ammunitions and cover-up. That is how Kwara State was taken over by the Fulanis. That goes on to make clear why the Fulanis are eager in reclaiming Enugu and Ebonyi state in general as their land away from the Sokoto Caliphate because their brother was the first mayor of the city.
Britain took millions of Muslims and Hindus when Idiamin of Uganda asked them to leave Uganda in the 70s. And Today, Germany is taking millions of Muslims from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan and for which Germany is standing the risk of being Islamized in the next centuries. Saudi Arabia which is one of the richest Muslim countries, only allow Muslims to come for Pilgrimage and spend their money in Saudi Arabia, but they do not allow their fellow Muslims to come to live in Saudi Arabia as their brothers and sisters with them. The Indian Hindus which Britain accepted with the Muslims from Uganda to live in Britain, did not demand a re-incarnation of the neighborhood they abandoned in India before they were allowed to come to Britain. If all religion preaches and insists on peace, why have we not achieved peace by now? The dead Biafran soldiers and agitators sacrificed their lives, so that we may live our own type of life, and live well at it.
The fear of death cannot stop anyone from dying, but it can stop you from living a good life. And if you don´t have anything for which you are prepared to die for, there is no reason either for you to live, because you have no right of life. A Biafran protester who was shot by Nigerian soldiers in Porthacourt on the day of inauguration of Donald Trump as American President, said some minutes before he passed on, ´´My Biafran brothers, If I die from this gun shots, do not cry for me, but start or continue from where I stopped, and I will be happy in my grave´´. I commend some Muslims who stand on the principles and ideologies of peaceful co-existence just like the Yorubas do as the best Muslims in the world, but we often find inconsistencies in some of the utterances that betray the core of the same ideology some profess. This is what worries some leaders and Presidents like Donald Trump. Trump is right on the hypocrisy of the media. While the media reported places where demonstrations against Trump were organized, the same media did not find it necessary to mention places where hundreds of people were shot at, and killed for supporting Trump.
No prediction, no people, no forecast, no organization, no country gave Trump a chance to win against Hillary Clinton, but inspite of all that, the Biafrans campaigned for him openly against all odds. All we are saying is that Trump should recognize his true friends in the here and now. Thank God, for approving his presidency and his fight against the Jihadists. Despite what is happening today with his Presidency, Biafrans and the Igbos will continue to be fighting alongside with him, since God´s approval cannot be short-changed. The Igbos have great possession, so Nigeria will persecute us at first. Afterwards, they will discourage us by telling us that we are the ones to lose if we leave Nigeria. They could threaten us to lose all our properties, if we leave Nigeria, but such threats hold no water because it will become a United Nations issue, if such threats are carried out. Then, they will persuade us to stay in Nigeria by talking of restructuring in order for us to drop all that we have achieved. And lastly, they will ignore us, and let us go because we chose the path of injustice and love that God smiles at. The path that guarantees a good life for us and for our children, the path to Biafra.
We care about our life, but we do not care about those who do not want to hear our name ´´Biafra´´. Let us remember what Ojukwu said in 1998, before he passed on, ´´In the three years of war, necessity gave birth to invention. During those three years of heroic bound, we leapt across the great chasm that separates knowledge from know-how. We built bombs, we built rockets, and we designed and built our own delivery systems. We guided our rockets. We guided them far, we guided them accurately. For three years, blockaded without hope of import, we maintained all our vehicles. The state extracted and refined petrol, individuals refined petrol in their back gardens. We built and maintained our airports, maintained them under heavy bombardment. Despite the heavy bombardment, we recovered so quickly after each raid that we were able to maintain the record for the busiest Airport in the continent of Africa. We spoke to the world through a telecommunication system engineered by local ingenuity; the world heard us and spoke back to us. We built armored cars and tanks. We modified aircraft from trainer to fighters, from passenger aircraft to bombers. In the three years of freedom we had broken the technological barrier. In three years we became the most civilized, the most technologically advanced black people on earth. We spurn nylon yarn; we developed new seeds for food and medicines…..´´.
Therefore, visualize and picture where Biafra would have been technologically after 57 years of the civil war. Biafra would certainly have been a highly technologically advanced country in all ramifications, comparable to any technologically advanced country in the world today. But they were held back by Nigeria, a country who is naturally dependent on others, and do not want to help themselves to come-up the technological ladder.
Every action we take gives out energy that returns to us in time. Therefore, if we take a good action, it creates a future that returns to us in time. My actions are mine, and your actions are yours according to sovereign laws of nature. I do not believe that one’s sin can be transferred to others by God as it is sometimes preached, because God is a just and fair God. While God´s closest people could be Popes, Bishops, Pastors and religious leaders; God´s most trusted people could be scientists and Engineers, because it is them that he revealed the secrets of creation which the Engineers use to create machineries that lend a hand to Human beings and animals.
God gave man tremendous brains that they could compete even enhanced with some Godly created structural design. With God given brain, man had built aircrafts superior to birds in any customary. Man built carrying-vehicles advanced to horses and camels as transporter animals. Man built tractors and agricultural mechanisms well advanced than bulls and cows. Therefore, we should not question our self-conviction and under-use our own brain. Most of my close friends are reverend fathers and Pastors. I´m aware of beautiful endowed religious-power-houses where our people go to get energized, animated, thrilled and laughter every Sunday from the true men of God. I´m also aware of some fake religious leaders who would claim to be anointed, and they will ask you to support the ´´one Nigeria´´ which had put their people in slavery and forever backwardness. These are those who went into the house of God with false pretenses. And they can do nothing of value until they know what we and God expect from them. These so called men of God are the false prophets and the prophets of Baal the Bible talks about, because Moses was in the Palace of Pharaoh, yet he worked against the Egyptians to rescue his people from slavery. David fought Goliath in order to save his people. These false Prophets can deceive their followers with deceits of miracles from Satan, but at the end, powers of devil will not save them. And when you point to the absurdity of their personality, their benefactors and their psychiatric followers will experience a momentary recall of a blurred logic, and say you should neither judge nor talk against an anointed. And the question is,´´ anointed by who´´ God or Satan? As long as someone has lived or is living on earth, his or her judgment on earth is by humans, for God´s judgment is in heaven. The best thing you can do to a Cigarette is to give it to your enemy, so they cannot sell that rubbish of ´´one Nigeria´´ to us. They cannot deceive and block right-thinking minds because we function like a train- toilet; it never gets blocked.
Anybody who supports intimidation, oppression, injustice, murder of innocent people cannot be a man of God. You must speak out against evil. If you keep quiet you are evil as well. You must support your people when they need you in good stead. In Africa, it is only the so called tribalists (eg. Awo, Sardauna etc.) that help people. The so called nationalists help no one (eg. Nnamdi Azikiwe). If a tribalist assumes a national authority, he or she will help everyone from his nation, except Buhari´s kind of tribalist that cannot experience any transformation. Some religious leaders of Pastors and Reverend Fathers are not ripe enough mentally, to assume the burden of congregational role. For they ask their congregation to kneel down, close their eyes, raise up their hands, and their congregation obey, they cannot handle this obedience anymore, and they begin to see themselves as giants that know everything better than every person, and treat their clients as such. And you wonder how people of varying standards have reduced themselves to nothingness as followers, and just take orders from fools. I call this brand of religious men fools because you cannot fool God and his way of doing things.
The southeast leaders and politicians and some religious men and women are like gangs that have taken side in the enemy´s encampment to join in cruelty of their own people, as if you can find peace and harmony in the midst of injustice. How much have you sought for justice for your people who are being slaughtered in peaceful protests and in your churches? Those people who keep quiet in the face of evil, are evil themselves, because they allow evil to grow in geometric progression. Those who call them our leaders are those who made wrong assumptions. Those you claim are our true leaders are not our true controllers. That is why when they come out to speak in gatherings, we are no more there. That is why when they stand on the pulpit to preach their sermon, we close our eyes and ears and pretend we are praying. That is why they cannot manage us because the masses that are still with their senses are not with them anymore. And what happens to the Kola nut will soon happen to them.
Anytime I allow myself to think about it, I get upset, grieve to the heart, and I don´t know where to begin. So these false leaders and Prophets are free to vote for Nigeria, and go over to Nigeria. We are not of the class level of Jesus who loves people that hate him, and that is one of the reasons why he was even killed in the implementation of the scripture. Crocodiles and Alligators may look alike, but they are not even friends, not to talk of being brothers and sisters. Many people want ´´one Nigeria´´ for different reasons; and different reasons cannot bring a single solution. Education is just the progressive realization of our ignorance. So, give them their ´´one Nigeria´´ and let us go to our own type of Biafra outside Nigeria´s authority, since some of them claim to be Biafrans as well.
Providing Nigeria´s President, vice President will not solve any Igbo problem, because it did not solve Ijaw problem, and neither did it solve Yoruba problem nor Hausa/Fulani problem. Today, Biafrans are in Nigeria, but not of Nigeria. The world is watching, and the Biafrans are waiting. I do not believe that some people are more intelligent than others. What I want to believe is that some people spend more time to think than others. You can work on your intelligence quotient and build-up your profile through determined hard work. Those who move ahead in life (inventors) do not believe that there is only one way of doing things. And there is no hope for an idea that doesn’t look stupid at first, according to Albert Einstein. The problem we have is the lack of a questioning mind. This biggest question is to ask why?
Today, Biafra has come to be a reality and very soon, it will be open and clear to everybody. There are times when we are defenseless to discrimination, but there must never be a time when we fail to complain and protest against backwardness, discrimination, intimidation, oppression and slaughtering of humans. We want the entire decent world to know that we want to go out of Nigeria, and are calling the rest of humanity and the civilized nations, and reminding them that we do not require the permission of Nigerian government to grant us our natural freedom. And that is why we must organize our Biafra referendum, as soon as possible. Force cannot hold any group of people for so long, because the moment the force is removed, everything will disintegrate. This happened with the Roman Empire, British Empire, Soviet Union, and so on. People have to want to be together for togetherness to succeed.
By so doing, we will know those Biafrans who genuinely want Nigeria, and those who only want Nigeria so that they and their generations could continue to profit from corruption and irregularities that manhandled the country and brought her economy to her kneels. For those of our brothers and sisters who genuinely want Nigeria, we will urge them to continue to appease their northern masters and see how far it gets them. We will tell them goodbye and bless them with a kiss, and wish them all the best for their chosen future. But we will also have to remind them in time that they have a lot to answer for if they vote for Nigeria; and that not every death deserves R.I.P.
For those who will vote for Biafra, we do not deserve Biafra if it will not be better than Nigeria. However, if we leave Nigeria, there are implications, and if we stay in Nigeria there are massive implications of no progress at anytime. It might not be the complex arguments that will convince people on which side to vote on that day of the referendum, it will be instinct, image and good emotion.
As at now, Biafra has no freedom, and Nigeria has no freedom. Christians are killed in hundreds by Fulanis everyday. Biafra is not against Nigeria´s existence in any way. Biafra can exist as a sister country to Nigeria. If Nigeria gives Biafra freedom, Biafra will give Nigeria freedom, and somewhat peace will prevail. And both countries will find the energy again to face their future.
It´s unfortunate that those Biafrans who will choose to stay in Nigeria, are more likely choosing to damage their future. Some are pretending that they have the answer to our questions in terms of restructuring. The restructuring some are vying for as it was in the beginning of 1960 may be achieved, but the killing of Igbos in Northern Nigeria started already in 1946. So, what kind of restructuring are you talking about?
The glue holding this rupture of 1946 is the same glue that is holding the multi-ethnic and religious groups that made up Nigeria, and for which no kind of restructuring can cure except entire separations. Any kind of restructuring is meant for those who want to experiment forever, and we wish them good luck. If Nnamdi Kanu comes out today, and say that he wants complete restructuring, he is free to go over to the Nigerian side, but 99% of IPOB members and all true-Biafrans will not go with him. They have sworn to be with Biafra in life and in death. Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of IPOB, but the power to move Biafrans into ´´one Nigeria´´ is not in anybody´s hands. The business is so big for one man to control. Nnamdi Kanu is not a man that is gigantic, neither does he have intimidating muscles.The window to save ´´one Nigeria´´ has been closed by the Eastern masses.
Nnamdi Kanu was speaking for those with low or no voice, offered the calm of non-violence, beauty, and a sense of wishful peace that is in short supply from Nigeria (where thousands are committing suicide everyday), and for which only Biafra could bring up hope again. You do not need a University degree to do beautiful things. What have other people with University degrees in Nigeria created, without having to look for a job? Nnamdi Kanu strikes most people as a reliable hardworking quick learner who communicates perfectly well with a good analytical background. He is a very intelligent person, very strategic and focused. You can´t reproach him as an orator built around his rational ideas and an expert in natural thinking. It is like a young up-coming challenging the kings. Both sides of the Biafra and Nigeria respect him, and the warriors suddenly became impotent, and pulled their last punch with the Python dance. They made open statements and private statements; they denied open statements and private statements, and left themselves in conflicts of confusions. If we could come-up and say that there is actually awareness, understanding and wisdom with the Nigerian security services, police, soldiers, their leaders and the Nigerian government, it means either they had it earlier, or we merely presumed it.
IPOB is the only legitimate voice that understands the plight of the masses, and ultimately controls them. We are aware of the high cost of freedom, and we are prepared to pay for it with our blood. Therefore, face your fear, and even die for the country you love! I grew up thinking we are all brothers and sisters, but when one keeps taking the biggest share and insists on it all the time, war has already broken out in our brains mentally. And if they are not giving you what you need, then stop continuously giving them what they want. And for peace to reign, those who want Nigeria, and those who want Biafra, will need to give each other some kind of victory to each other for them to sell to their own kind of people. We will hold hands together and go through all this. If Biafran agitators, or the Nigerian government, or both are not happy with my kind of referendum, they must learn to deal with it. Once, a hunter went to hunt for a Bear, and suddenly a Bear appeared in his front. It was too close that the hunter could not aim and shoot with his long gun. Now the situation is like this, what do you want, asked the Bear? The hunter said that he wants a fur coat. And what do you want, the hunter asked the Bear? I want some meat, replied the Bear. So, the Bear grabbed the hunter and swallowed him whole. And both had what they wanted.
If you don´t buy the idea of my Biafra referendum, that´s good as well. But I am in the right place; I do not want the prediction model suggesting that I will move from that place when that is untrue. It is sacred to declare independence according to God given boundaries characterized by language, culture and methods of operation, than artificial boundaries created by colonialists for their selfish reasons. Biafra is not seceding from Nigeria because Biafra existed before Nigeria. God created us as Biafrans in Biafra, while the Lord Lugard of Britain created Nigeria. And creation by God and Man cannot be the same. Our forefathers were born Biafrans, not Nigerians. And you cannot secede from what you are not naturally part of. Cameroon was once a country in Nigeria. Gambia was the same country with Senegal in Senegambia. South Sudan was a country in Sudan. Pakistan separated from India. Singapore was once part of Malaysia. Ethiopia, which is the only African country that was not colonized by the white-man, even conducted a referendum on whether they should split or not, and finally they decided to remain together.
As I write all eyes are on Nigeria, and all ears are on Biafra. And you and I will discuss the format which the settlement is going to take. Any good apology has three parts: I´m sorry, it is my fault, what can I do to make it right? Biafrans has come to conclusions that there will be no such thing as Nigeria´s elections in Biafraland except that of a referendum. And Nigeria´s economy is already on her knees and many honorable men and women are committing suicide because many Nigerian States cannot pay salaries. Economic and political growth goes hand in hand because one supports the other. The Igbos are my people, and I stand by them.
There is a lot of success stories of countries created as a result of division. If Biafrans are important to Nigeria, why didn´t they make them to feel like Nigerians? Therefore, instead of trying to stop Biafra, Nigeria should use her time to plan on how to live without Biafra, and make the other tribes who want to remain in Nigeria, to feel like Nigerians; and not extending killings to the middle belt and southern Kaduna.
The good thing about my idea of Biafra Referendum is that anybody is free to get what he or she wants for him or herself. For me and my family, we chose to serve the God of justice; and cling on to Biafra. For other tribes and people, they might coast along with their ´´one Nigeria´´, but most Igbos and true Biafrans cannot live in a country where one or two tribes dictates, and which must finally be Islamized whether you like it, or not. People that are unjustly treated will never be interested in that kind of peace that their oppressors want them to be intimidated into. God demands it, and justice requires it that people should stand up, and fight until justice has been given to all concerned.