Now I Know Why Trump Called Nigeria A Shithole Country-Gov Ortom

Samuel Ortom, governor of Benue state, says he now knows why President Donald Trump referred to Nigeria as a “shithole country”.

Washington Post had attributed the controversial comment to Trump but the US leader denied using those words.


While reacting to the impeachment notice which eight lawmakers of the All Progressives Congress (APC) served on him, Ortom said such a thing would only happen in a “shithole country”.

The governor said he was being targetted for moving to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He accused the inspector-general of police and director-general of police of perpetuating evil, appealing to President Muhammadu Buhari to call them to order.


Ortom also alleged that George Akume, a serving senator in the state, was behind the political crisis in Benue.

“Now I know why Trump called Nigeria a shithole country. It’s only in a shithole country that eight house of assembly members can suspend 22 lawmakers,” he said.

Mr Ikyange leader of the aggrieved APC lawmakers that served the Governor impeachment notice told reporters in Makurdi Monday morning that they had passed articles of impeachment against Mr Ortom and would serve him a notice “within seven days,” the News Agency of Nigeria reported.

Mr Ikyange said he has nine other lawmakers with him, giving his group 10 lawmakers in total. While this is enough to form a quorum, it is insufficient to impeach a governor as required by the Nigerian Constitution