How Radio Biafra International (RBI) Allegedly Poisoned A Lady To Death, Attempts To Poison Another One Again


Finally it seems some one has breaks silence and comes out bold to expose the culprits behind the death of Chimaobi.

In continuation of this report, Amarachi Ibe Gift a seasoned Journalist and IPOB principal officer in Biafraland cheated death after she survived been poisoned with a chemical substance during her working visit in Anambra state by Clifford Iroanya the founder of Radio Biafra International, a group which was expelled from IPOB  for attempting to take over IPOB by coercion and collection of Bribe from Nigerian government to sabotage IPOB struggle.

Amarachi revealed that the Outlaws RBi leaders was responsible for the death of Chimaobi Aka WAKA-WAKA Biafra through poison.

Recall Chimaobi died after battling from Undisclosed illness?

Source close to IPOB media confirms that Chimaobi  looks very pale and thiny  before her death.

A top family writers Renowned media giant liken Chimaobi’s death to that of a slow killer poison.

What exactly may have lead to RBi leaders to poison Chimaobi and attempt to poison Amarachi Ibe Gift?

There is a say that he who controls the media, control the minds of the people.

Since the eviction of IPob -Dos  which leads to the emergence of unauthorized RBi, their has been a media war raging on between the Outlaws leaders in an effort to retain their position in IPOB despite when IPOB highest authority have Declared them sacked. Late Chimaobi and Amarachi rally support for IPOB leadership and highest authority, these which the founders of RBi may not have taken too lightly. A source close  to the groups says RBi under the command of Clifford Iroanya opens a media group called Soldiers of Justice SOJ which he uses to engage in character assassination of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and leaders of Family writers.

The source says 75% of SOJ members operating in Facebook are pseudo names. Their job is to find those hardworking members and implicate them. Many of Family writers members both old and new are all Innocent of been part of this deadly group. The source authoritatively said.

The death of Chimaobi was celebrated by RBi and fake SOJ what a mockery to humanity and betrayal of brotherbood?

The Sickness Amarachi battle for Months has now been proven to be as a result of poison which pierce through her body According to medical test, says Source close to her.

The Source points that RBi are desperate to destroy the legacies of IPOB by all means.

According to the source, RBi infiltrate many IPOB media and bribe them with juicy offer to work against Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.

Source close to RBi says RBi Media members has deserted the group after finding out the group lacks vision and engage more in character assassination.

Source close to RBi says in few weeks, the group will collapse totally because they now lack audience and Popularity.

The question there is will they succeed?

the answers NO!