Tension In Ghana As Ghanaian  Loot Igbo Business Ask Them To Leave Ghana.
Since the government of Ghana enacted the law banning foreigners from involving themselves in retail businesses, the Igbo community in Ghana has been living in fear of their lives.


The law was supposed to affect all foreigners but Family Writers Press found our that, the Ghanaians are indeed targeting only Igbo Businesses. In particular, the spare parts dealers.

At Suame-Magazine district of Kumasi, Ghana, the Ghanaians there have since taken the enforcement of the law in their hands. Which they enforce with a massive dose of Xenophobia.

“For two weeks now they’ve forced us to stay indoors. We can’t go to our businesses. You cannot even dare go close to your shops. If we try it, the youths of Suame-Magazine have promised to burn and loot our shops. They want us to give them all our goods on credit and leave empty handed.”, Mr Nwafor Akajiofo told Family writers press via a telephone call.

Success breeds jealousy, and that is at the root of this recent tension between Ghana businessmen and their Igbo counterparts in particular.

The Chairman of Igbo traders Union in Suame-Magazine, Mr Kizito Ikechukwu Obiora, informed our correspondent that “the so called retail law is just a subtle way of expressing their jealousy over our success. The law is not affecting the Hausa-Fulani community in Alaba, Kumasi. It is not affecting Yoruba businessMen in Abuabo (Kumasi). The only place that law is enforced is here in Suame-Magazine where there is a huge presence of Ndi igbo who are into motor spare parts.”

Mr Kizito continued that, “The Ghanaians are not happy. We came here and showed them you can become a millionaire by dealing in motor spare parts. They now felt they Have mastered the business and want us to leave, in other to eliminate all competition and dominate the market. That is the truth Of the Matter.”

What is the position of the Ghanaian Government?

The Ghanaian Minister for Trade and Investment, was in Abuja last week and told the Nigerian Foreign affairs Minister, Mr Geoffrey Onyema that the law doesn’t affect citizens from ECOWAS countries. But the fact remains that Nigerians are the only ones targeted by the Law, and Igbo businesses appears to be the specific target.

Mazi Ikechukwu Obiora and Nwafor Akajiofo, expressed their displeasure at the way the Ghana security forces seems to be acting in complicity with the youths of Suame.
“Three days ago the youths went to the shop of one Joe Obi, who is related to the secretary to the State Government of Imo, the man was in Nigeria, and left the shop to his workers. They beat everyone there, looted the shop. But just opposite the shop was a business owned by a Lebanese And another owned by a Malian, It was left untouched. We have businesses here owned by citizens from many African countries, no one attacks them except we Igbo business men. It’s not fair .”, he lamented.

Mr Nwafo lamented further, “few years ago when this kind of things happen, we make a call to an official at the Embassy, and they will work together with the Police here and before you know it they send protection for us. But now the officials at the embassy, including the ambassador who is a Yoruba man, is giving us the impression that we are on our own. And we get their message loud and clear. For two weeks now we can’t even move a few kilometers to our shops. We conduct midnight trips on our own shops to retrieve our wares- the once they haven’t looted. The youths and the elders here are insisting we leave. They said even if we reach an agreement with their government, they will continue to harass and burn our shops till we leave. We need help my brother, we certainly need help.”

Mr Nwafor Akajiofo and Mr Kizito Ikechukwu Obiora were speaking to mazi Ikeyahkadibia Onyeji who complied this report for Family writers Press.