It’s now Ohaneze and their deceptive coalition Vs THE GREAT IPOB.

By Mike Okoria
For The Biafra Restoration Voice (TBRV).

Dancing around the market square like a lunatic, jumping from pillar to post like a confused goalkeeper, swimming round the ocean like the sardines. Only one with no retentive memory would embrace them and welcome tactical disciples of Lucifer to the forum of the elites and true freedom movement.

They came like the angels of light, they sworn to uphold the principles and abide by the ethics and governing policies of IPOB worldwide, with absolute knowledge of the IPOB organogram, mission and mandate, like millions of Biafrans worldover requesting and demanding for our freedom. They came , but behold, they are underworld forces working like Biafrans, but behold, they are fake and typical reflection of the Lucifer in Heaven (their master). Thank God we knew them before time.

And now, the battle line has been drawn between light and darkness, between God and Satan, between evil and good, between righteousness and unrighteousness, between fake and real, between blind men and those with powerful eye sight like Eagle. Recall this battle started from the beginning, but light always prevailed against darkness, yet in our quest for freedom, Biafrans shall surely prevail.

They infiltrated the rank and file of IPOB, but they were quickly rounded up and expelled, some were out of business and professional 419ers and scam guys who found Biafra freedom quest as another opportunity to defraud, but were quickly sorted out and shown the exit doors, and just like their crusade against God in Heaven, they were expelled and they formed alliance with the enemies they deceitfully made Biafrans to assume they were fighting.

Today, they could not hide anymore, their tricks, hypocrisy and deception against Biafra has been exposed, not comfortable with the massive shame and ridicule they brought upon themselves, the only remaining choice they said, is to recoil back to our sponsors and godfathers (The Ohaneze Ndi Igbo). And together today are requesting for restructuring.

The beauty of this latest development is that the battle line has been drawn TODAY, the Ohaneze +coalition Vs Biafrans via IPOB. It is now clear who is the enemy and friend. In days to come , there shall a frontal moves to deal with enemies within, but for the enemies without, Biafra is a done deal.